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Driving licence + Personnal car
Live in Bordeaux (France)82 rue de la rousselle, Bordeaux
Phone : +336 36 21 03 77

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Spoken languages : French (native), English (professionnal)
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Research associate - Molecular biology

I graduated with a PhD of plant virology from the University of Bordeaux and, now, I have a ten-years career in academic research. Specialized in molecular biology and genetic engineering, I am looking for new business opportunities that will leave me the opportunity to practice these skills every day, in the heart of the laboratory.
I am currently looking for either some short-term position in Aquitaine, or, some longer term missions in France or any other nice place. Whatever, feel free to contact me.

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Genealogy ( - Appeal for history, paleoanthropology and archeology - Photography - Webmaster/Blogger.